Let yourself

Proactive, preventive and personalized healthcare created to address your unique health challenges

Our Approach: 
the dynamic of you

You are unique and there is only one you on the planet.

Our functional medicine approach looks at the root causes of imbalance or dysfunction in your body. We look at your specific biological terrain to assess why symptoms developed in the first place.

We view the body as a whole complete system rather than as individual parts. The whole system includes your body, mind and spirit and these are all in dynamic communication with one another. True lasting health comes from addressing all the layers step by step, in order to heal from the inside out.

We partner with you to create a holistic, personalized treatment plan specific to you and your needs and we monitor and adjust based on your body’s response.

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to flourishing!
Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner, and Founder

Anna Rider’s
healing story

There comes a point when you have to start listening to your own body. Ideally, some of us pick up the cues early and start to respond and heal. Others of us wait until the body screams louder and louder until you have no choice but to pay attention. This was my experience…

…I took an all-encompassing approach to wholeness and healing for my body, mind, and spirit. With this approach I started to experience results.
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How can we help you?

We are committed to crafting a personalized plan for you whether you are a busy career person, a stay-at-home parent, a care provider, a retiree, or a young adult just entering the workforce! Here are some frequently asked questions that we have put together for you.
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The free 
nourish to flourish
2 week program

The complete food and lifestyle program created to kickstart your journey towards flourishing, through identifying any food allergens/triggers causing your symptoms but also nourishing the whole body with the essentials. This will improve your digestion, reducing the stress on your liver and help to optimize your hormones.
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Common conditions
experienced by women

(We see men too!)

period problems
PMS, fibroids
ovarian cysts
libido concerns
fertility problems
menopausal changes
vaginal dryness
mood swings
hot flushes
hair loss
weight concerns
excessive stress
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The Best Alternative Medicine in Kingston

It is an honour to receive the 2023 Quality Business Award for the Best Alternative Medicine in Kingston.
We look forward to serving the local community and beyond in 2024.
Thank you for your nomination!
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Best alternative medicine award

What is the difference between Nurse Practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors?

Nurse Practitioners vs Naturopathic Doctors
The main difference is in our background and experience. Nurse Practitioners have a background in nursing and have worked in a broad variety of clinical settings within the health care system. NPs have the skill and knowledge to diagnose conditions, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medications. Through integration with conventional health care, Anna (NP) combines her clinical knowledge and broad experience with a functional medicine lens. Functional medicine supports personalized patient care and investigates the root cause of an individual’s symptoms, and employs a widespread of treatment strategies that are tailored to the person. This can include lifestyle improvements, nutraceuticals (supplements) or herbal medicine, nutritional changes, prescriptions if indicated, and occasionally further diagnostic testing is required to investigate further. It is a comprehensive, holistic approach.
Naturopathic Doctors have a background in naturopathy (the study of natural medicine) and work in private clinics. They learn about homeopathy and botanical medicine, which are forms of complementary/alternative medicine that involve herbs/plants. They also learn about acupuncture, which has its origin in Traditional Chinese medicine. They use all the different modalities in their treatment plans. Most have an area of focus/ specialty area in their practice. Their ability to order diagnostic tests in the health care system is limited to bloodwork and they have a limited list of drugs they can prescribe. Not all NDs have the authority to prescribe as it requires extra certification.

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Reverse your symptoms 
Heal you fully
Our Location
Located in the office of Nova Health Naturopathic Centre
67 Brock St., 3rd Floor
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 1R8
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