The full flourish
five step plan

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The Full Flourish five step plan is designed to prevent illness, reverse your symptoms, and heal your body, mind, and emotions back to the way they were created to be


Comprehensive medical review

Includes a thorough intake questionnaire, complete medical and family history review, environmental and lifestyle review. Bloodwork and other investigations may be requested depending on your unique needs. This visit will take a little more than an hour and will provide initial recommendations to get you started.


Individualized Body Movement and Nutritional Review

Motion is life to the body. We guide and support you where you are at, keeping in mind your unique body and lifestyle. We review your nutritional status and incorporate food and movement as nourishment to your body and mind. These healing principles are woven in throughout your program.


Individualized Mind-Body Connection Review

The body follows the brain. Your mind and your thoughts are in charge of your healing. We work with you to explore any hindrances to healing and guide and support you along the way. We apply the science of mind-body principles to your healing


Complete Treatment Plan tailored to you

Includes an in-depth review of all your results (bloodwork and/or other investigations) and will provide you with a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. This may include nutrition, lifestyle, supplement and/or bio-identical hormone replacement if indicated. We will integrate bio-psycho-social-emotional aspects to your healing journey.


Ongoing review, monitoring and refinement

Continual support and tracking will occur with followup visits every few months or as often as needed to help you attain your health goals and achieve optimal healing in the whole body (body, mind, and spirit) so that you flourish in all areas of your life!

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 full flourish five step plan

Personalized healthcare designed to optimize your health, reverse your symptoms, 
and heal you fully in all areas of life.

Optimize your health
Reverse your symptoms 
Heal you fully
Our Location
Located in the office of Nova Health Naturopathic Centre
67 Brock St., 3rd Floor
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 1R8
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