Spring is a great time to Flourish!

This is a good time to share why I named my clinic Flourish Healthcare.

Flourish means to grow luxuriantly: to thrive (Webster’s Dictionary). If something flourishes, it is successful, active, and developing quickly and strongly (Collins Dictionary). If a plant or animal flourishes, it grows well or is healthy because the conditions are right for it.

Have you ever thought about what conditions need to be right in order for you to flourish?

Is it having a tidy workspace? loving relationships? A solid sleep? Time to read your book before bed? Having a chance to move your body that day? A home-cooked meal? The answer is different for each of us because we are all unique (just like plants, some need a dry climate to thrive).

In my nurse practitioner training, I learned to recognize common symptoms and patterns and then categorize them into diagnoses.

I also learned to apply treatments to these diagnoses in a systematic way. Now I have the opportunity to collaborate with individuals on an action plan that emphasizes their uniqueness and their body’s distinct response. No two people are the same.

Looking at the root systems is a necessary key to flourishing. If the roots and the soil aren’t good, the fruit or the outcomes will not be good either. It’s an inside-out approach. The process of growing fruit takes time, and nourishing the roots is a continual process. This is the same for becoming healthy, as it requires ongoing care and nurturing.

So ultimately, it is my desire to see you flourish in your health.

As this happens, you will also start to flourish in other areas of your life because you will feel well, have more energy, and this new momentum spills over into other areas too. This will happen organically, and you may not even notice it yourself until someone else points it out.

Here's to Flourishing!