Anna Rider's
healing story

There comes a point when you have to start listening to your own body. Ideally, some of us pick up the cues early and start to respond and heal. Others of us wait until the body screams louder and louder until you have no choice but to pay attention. This was my experience.

I had noticed aching and stiffness in some of my joints, poor energy, and fatigue but until my ankle became grossly swollen, warm to touch, and I could hardly walk, did I seek help. So many months went by as I went from one professional to the next, looking for answers. As time went on my ankle was progressively worsening as was my hopelessness. I couldn’t run, play sports, or play with my kids like I used to. This led to feelings of depression and despair. The medications I was eventually given to suppress my immune system made me feel even worse, and I was told I would have to take them for life. “When you have an Auto-Immune Arthritis the only way to manage it is to suppress your immune system so the body doesn’t attack itself anymore”, I was told. “It’s a chronic condition”.
“What a future”, I thought.

As a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner for many years, I had had patients with autoimmune conditions and now I knew exactly how they felt- Super frustrated! So I decided to use my clinical knowledge and experience, combined with an open mind, to research and examine the literature in order to find solutions for my condition. I found stories of people like me who had reversed their autoimmune conditions with the help of functional medicine principles and holistic approaches. I felt hope again and I knew this was what I needed to do. I studied, took courses, applied what I learned, sought help from professionals, dug deep into my emotions, changed my lifestyle, and renewed my relationship with God. I took an all-encompassing approach to wholeness and healing for my body, mind, and spirit. With this approach I started to experience results.

My personal journey has led to a desire to see others recover from their chronic illness and be restored to full function in every area of their lives. I have gained an accumulation of knowledge and experience that I want to share with others.

The healing process is a journey, taken step by step. Healing will naturally occur when the body is nourished in every way. Nourish to Flourish is what I say :-)

With flourishing hope,

Anna Rider

Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner, and Founder

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