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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is Bio-Identical Hormone 
Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the use of hormones, that are similar in structure to those produced by our own bodies, to restore hormone imbalances and alleviate symptoms. Some of these symptoms include menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms such as menstrual problems, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, fatigue, brain fog, and so on.

Bio-identical hormones are plant-based, non-synthetic hormones that are similar in molecular structure to our body’s own hormones. This makes them recognizable by the body, so that they bind to our receptors and are broken down in the same manner as our own hormones.

They are derived from concentrating and purifying wild yam extract. The base chemical structure of wild yam, diosgenin, is similar to human progesterone. Progesterone is known as the mother hormone, from which the other hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen are derived. By making a few simple modifications to the progesterone molecule, the other hormones are then composed.
Researchers have concluded that bio-identical hormones are associated with a lower risk than conventional
(synthetic) HRT, including the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Also, bio-identical hormones have been reported to be more efficacious than conventional hormone replacement therapy (Holtorf, 2009).

To sum it all up, bio-identical hormones are safe and effective when prescribed properly.
Who benefits from Bio-identical hormone replacement  therapy?
Here is a list of different hormone imbalances that can be corrected with the appropriate use of bio-identical
hormone replacement:

• Perimenopause
• Menopause
• Uterine fibroids
• Endometriosis
• Infertility
• Breast tenderness
• Vaginal dryness
• Amenorrhea (missed periods)
• Low libido
• Irregular periods
• Hair loss
• Recurrent miscarriage
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Do you feel like you have hormone chaos going on?

Hormonal Testing

Hormones can be tested via blood, saliva or urine and they are always evaluated in light of your particular symptoms and challenges, your medical history and results of other investigations. In females, hormone levels will vary widely throughout the month so if you are cycling they will need to be addressed on specific days of your cycle.

At Flourish, we use a comprehensive dried urine test to thoroughly assess your hormone levels. This advanced test looks at the various forms of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol, along with their metabolites to display how effectively they are utilized and broken down in the body, into either safe or potentially harmful metabolites.

This is the safest and most informative test for looking at hormonal imbalance, and helps us look at the bigger picture rather than a single point in time.
Do you feel like you have hormone chaos going on?Contact us to discuss more.

Hormone Chaos Assessment

Do you feel like you have hormone chaos going on?  

We can provide a personalized treatment plan to restore hormone balance and function using a holistic approach and bio-identical hormones if indicated.  

Be calmer, stronger, hormonally balanced and emotionally resilient.  

Immune system strong

As scientists continue to learn more about Covid-19 and the accompanying coronavirus complications, the best defence is to take steps towards cultivating an immune system that is strong and resilient.

Use these 10 steps as a guide:

•  Minimize your exposure to environmental toxins (including EMF’s).
•  Eat organic food (as much as possible).
•  Use natural substances for household and personal care products.
•  Take high quality nutritional supplements (to correct any deficiencies).
•  Purify your drinking/shower water.
•  Keep your indoor air space as clean as possible. Use plants, open windows, use air purifier.
•  Stay well- hydrated.
•  Ensure movement and physical activity are a regular part of your day, preferably outdoors!
•  Prioritize sleep. Aim for 10pm bedtime, with 8 hours sleep.
•  Follow your “gut”. Do what you know is right.
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Tailor Made to You

Tailor made treatment plan to address your unique symptoms and challenges to improve your quality and enjoyment of life.  No more suffering required!

We will use a functional medicine approach which includes a

•  Comprehensive medical review
•  Individualized body movement and nutritional review
•  Individualized mind-body connection review
•  Complete treatment plan tailored to you
•  Ongoing review, monitoring and refinement

Contact us to discuss more.

Free Nourish to Flourish 2 week program

The nourish to flourish program is a quick start to getting you on track to your flourishing body. And remember that your mind and emotions play a huge part towards your flourishing life.

Full Flourish 5 step plan

The flourish five step plan is designed to optimize your health, reverse your symptoms, and heal you fully in all areas of life.
Start to flourish today

Are you health insurance covered?

Insurance Coverage: our services may be covered under your private insurance. Check with your insurance provider. We are not currently covered by the Ontario Health insurance Plan.
Medical expenses can also be claimed on your personal taxes in the form of a tax credit.
Optimize your health
Reverse your symptoms 
Heal you fully
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